Code: Therapeutic Services Advertising Code


Success Percent


IDAdvertProductMeeting Date
13/537Harmonic Healer WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-12-30
15/409Brooker Colour Therapy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-11-24
15/428Five Elements SignHealth and Beauty2015-11-10
15/384Lincoln Chinese Medicine WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-10-13
15/371Bhadra Kalmatha Astrology NewspaperServices2015-10-13
15/368Natural Healing Centre WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-10-13
15/370Interactive Healing WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-09-22
15/369Stone Massage WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-09-22
15/353Rise en Shine WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-09-22
15/361As Well As Wellness Centre WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-09-17
15/352The Crystal Ball WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-09-08
15/325College of Natural Health and Homeopathy WebsiteServices2015-09-08
15/316The Allergy Clinic Yazoom WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-08-11
15/306Give Me Life WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-08-11
15/178Sri Durga Matha NewspaperHealth and Beauty2015-08-11
15/255Lulu Acupuncture RadioHealth and Beauty2015-07-28
15/294Wikitoria Maori Healing WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-22
15/285Vanessa Morgan WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-22
15/251Lulu Acupuncture WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-14
15/284Koru Ultrasound WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-10
15/276Koru Ultrasound- Shiatsu WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-10
15/259Lincoln Mall Pharmacy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-06-30
15/174Wikitoria Healing WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-06-23
15/137Homeopathy Centre Newspaper and WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-05-12
15/059Wellington Health Tuina FlyerHealth and Beauty2015-04-09
15/060Look Into My Eyes Hypnotherapy FlyerHealth and Beauty2015-02-24
14/663Buteyko Breathing Clinic NewspaperHealth and Beauty2015-02-24
15/030MoleMap TelevisionHealth and Beauty2015-02-10
14/646Gill Burdett Acupuncture WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-02-10
14/645Gill Burdett Acupuncture FlyerHealth and Beauty2015-02-10
14/668NZ Reader’s Digest CoverHealth and Beauty2015-01-06
14/611The Allergy Clinic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-12-10
14/525Vital Chiropractic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-11-20
14/536New Hope Chinese Medicine Clinic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-10-28
14/459Orange Clinic of Natural Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-10-15
14/491My Café Homeopathy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-10-14
14/485Meridian Kinesiology WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-10-14
14/478Kaizen Health Diagnostics WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-09-23
14/451Francis Evans WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-09-19
14/465Natural Therapy Tauranga WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-09-01
14/448Romoco Wellness WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-08-29
14/416Mike Ansari WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-08-29
14/405Dr Mala Dutta Acupuncture SignHealth and Beauty2014-08-26
14/361Niraamaya WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-08-26
14/381Ruby George Homeopath SignHealth and Beauty2014-08-15
14/376End the Problem Notice BoardHealth and Beauty2014-08-12
14/343NZBTI MagazineHealth and Beauty2014-07-22
14/297Therapeutic Centre WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-22
14/358Grabone WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-18
14/350Get Healthy With Tina MagazineHealth and Beauty2014-07-11
14/346PEMF Auckland MagazineHealth and Beauty2014-07-11
14/341Grey Lynn Chiropractic Treat Me WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-11
14/316Centre of Balance WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-08
14/296Balance Energy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-08
14/338Ashley & Martin RadioHealth and Beauty2014-06-26
14/290Colour Therapy Manukau WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-06-11
14/249Alternative HealingHealth and Beauty2014-06-10
14/219Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Direct MailHealth and Beauty2014-05-27
14/192Patrice Hardy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-05-27
14/243Clive Hair Clinics TelevisionHealth and Beauty2014-05-15
14/175Balance Chiropractic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-05-13
14/112Vital Chiropractic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-03-25
14/030Oceanside Family Chiropractic NewspaperHealth and Beauty2014-03-25
13/475Give Me Life WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-12-11
13/449Give Me Life WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-12-11
13/505Simillimum WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-19
13/477Energy Fields WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-12
13/476Wonderful Works WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-12
13/448Acupuncture Wellington WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-12
13/323Harley Dentistry NewspaperHealth and Beauty2013-09-10
13/294Epsom Chiropractor NewspaperHealth and Beauty2013-08-13
13/207Innate Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-07-09
13/ WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-06-19
13/109Innate Health Trade Me WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-05-14
13/169Immunisation Awareness Society WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-05-07
13/116Zena’s Beauty Parlour Direct MailHealth and Beauty2013-04-26
13/097Health and Disability BrochureServices2013-03-25
13/568Auckland Harmonic Treatment Services Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2013-01-29
12/559Isis Natural Health Centre WebsiteHealth and Beauty2012-12-05
12/493The Longhouse WebsiteHealth and Beauty2012-10-19
12/506The Herbal Health Centre NewspaperHealth and Beauty2012-09-28
12/286New Zealand Council of Homeopaths WebsiteHealth and Beauty2012-07-10
12/197Century Mail Magazine AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-06-12
12/128New Zealand Homoeopathic Society WebsiteHealth and Beauty2012-04-23
12/097Clive Hair Clinics Television AdvertisementTelecommunications2012-04-10
12/045Clive Hair Clinics Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/044Clive Hair Clinics Yellow Pages AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/043Clive Hair Clinics Poster and Billboard AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/042Clive Hair Clinics Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/041Clive Hair Clinics Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/038Colon Care Centre Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-04-10
12/009Healing Pathways Trade Me Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-03-16
12/037Healing for Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-03-06
12/014Manaki Wellbeing Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-03-06
11/730Auckland Eye Radio and Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2012-02-17
11/636Manaki Wellbeing Livingsocial Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-12-07
11/522Homeopathy Centre Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-11-08
11/550Karen Davis Naturopath GrabOne Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-11-07
11/536Terra Nova Body Clinic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-11-07
11/534Lavender Haven Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-11-01
11/382Funnell Chiropractic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-10-11
11/383Melanoma Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-08-09
11/204Laser Hair Removal Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-05-24
11/224Vital Chiropractic 1day Website AdvertisementAdvocacy2011-05-10
11/101Margo Robinson Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-03-21
10/761Niagara Healthcare Flyer AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2011-01-26
10/563Eyeright Vision Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-11-09
10/532Homeopathy Centre Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-11-09
10/508Ashley and Martin Radio and Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-11-09
10/495Courtney Orthodontics Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-10-29
10/503Courtney Orthodontics On Elmiria Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-10-12
10/489Kingsland Chiropractic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-17
10/370Childrens Chiropractic Centre Plunket Recipe Book AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/351Richard Whelan Medical Herbalist Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/346Whangarei Treatment Providers Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/344Proactive Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/343Its All About Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/342The Bowen Clinic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/341Reshapers Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/340Osiris Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/339House of Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/338Nourishe Health & Wellness Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-14
10/443Pain Sufferer Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-13
10/345Blooming Natural Health Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-08-16
10/413Blackbourn Chiropractic Services Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-08-09
10/290Bays Chiropractic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2010-07-28
10/263Family Health Diary Lap-banding Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-06-09
10/221Nourishe Health and Wellness Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-06-09
10/096Medical Specialists & Hospitals NZ DirectoryHealth and Beauty2010-06-09
10/207The Pilates Room Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-04-30
10/060BICOM Website AdvertisementAdvocacy2010-04-07
10/061JM Wellbeing Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-03-31
10/018MoleMap Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-03-02
09/501Detox Bodi Zone Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-09-08
09/443New Zealand Chiropractic Association WebsiteHealth and Beauty2009-07-31
09/348Healthwise Energy Centre Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-07-14
09/286Applied Hearing Newspaper AdvertisementHousehold Goods2009-07-14
09/291Caci Medispa Juvederm Magazine AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-06-18
09/251NZ Health Retreat Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-06-09
09/243Spinewave Wellness Centre Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-05-12
09/211Blackbourn Chiropractic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-05-12
09/120Mt Eden Chiropractic Website AdvertisementServices2009-04-15
09/077An AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-03-16
09/031Johnson & Johnson and Remuera Dermatology Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-03-10
08/676Friendly Dental Clinic Yellow Pages AdvertisementServices2009-01-14
08/583The Stop Smoking Clinic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-12-10
08/557Quit Smoking Clinic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-12-10
08/391The National Screening Unit Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-09-09
08/362The Orthodontic Centre Radio AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-08-12
08/352The Orthodontic Centre Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-08-12
08/245Vital Health Centre Newspaper AdvertismentAdvocacy2008-06-10
07/643Telecom "Go Large Broadband" Newspaper, Website, Radio and Television AdvertisementsHealth and Beauty2007-01-31
07/495Forest Rock Ltd Email AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-12-05
07/395Liposuction Institute Magazine AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-10-09
07/237Papamoa Doctors Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-07-10
07/211Dr Margaret Bryce Chiropractor Radio AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-06-26
07/136Youth Beauty Appearance Clinic Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-06-12
07/064Labtests Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-02-27
07/028Caci Clinic Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2007-02-27
07/046Voice For Life Newspaper AdvertisementAdvocacy2007-02-15
06/264Happy Spine Newspaper AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2006-09-12
06/271An AdvertisementServices2006-07-28
06/090Neurolink Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2006-05-09
15/373Lulu Acupuncture Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty[None]