Company: Fonterra Brands


Success Percent


IDComplainantAdvertProductMeeting Date
17/352Fonterra Co-operative Ltd, TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-10-09
17/269Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd, TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-08-14
17/233R. BarberTelevisionFood and Beverage2017-08-08
17/175Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd, TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-06-06
17/077Fonterra TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-03-06
16/433A. Clarkson, M. CooperFonterra Co-operative Group Ltd TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-02-14
15/164K. LaffertyAnchor Milk WebsiteFood and Beverage2015-05-12
15/104P. KirkwoodAnchor TelevisionFood and Beverage2015-03-16
14/107E. TelevisionFood and Beverage2014-03-25
13/484K. TaylorAnchor Milk NewspaperFood and Beverage2013-10-14
13/126A. Cassidy, A. Drewer, A. Love, A. McClintock, A. McMillan, A. Snell, A. Spears, C. Getz, C. Pegman, C. Southorn, C. Turner, D. Anton, D. May, G. Smith, H. Leipnik, H. Stuart, J. Benndorf, J. Douglas, J. Miller, J. Sugrue, K. Orr, L. Roberts, M. Hanna, M. Pavletich, M. Robertson, M. Voorend, N. McAndrew, N. Trenwith, Other, P. Bertram, S. Broxholme, S. Connor, S. EmailServices2013-01-10
13/146J. AikenAnchor Milk TelevisionFood and Beverage2013-05-01
12/653A. DrewerTip Top TelevisionFood and Beverage2013-01-30
12/586F. West-Price, OtherCalci Yum TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-11-09
12/580P. PyeAnchor Calci Yum TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-10-31
12/167G. ReynoldsFonterra Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-06-12
11/661A. LundhMammoth Yoghurt Television & Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-11-21
11/647J. CurwainAnchor Mega Milk Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-11-07
11/629A. HannafordMammoth Supply Co Dip Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-11-01
11/498W. HindAnchor Calci-Plus Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-09-07
11/265C. JamiesonAnchor Blue Spread Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-06-07
11/068P. BrownettAnchor Milk Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-02-16
10/735A. JacobsMainland Cheese Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-02-03
10/510S. CundyCalci Yum Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-09-17
10/458K. TurnerPrimo Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-08-20
10/224J. AngusCalciyum Television AdvertisementsFood and Beverage2010-06-09
10/068A. SharpAnchor Calciyum Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-03-03
09/757J. Baird, OthersTip Top Yoghurt Icecream Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-01-27
09/773G. LakingFonterra Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-12-15
09/693G. CoxFonterra Whole Water Television AdvertisementAdvocacy2009-12-09
09/540J. Davies, OthersAnchor Calci Yum Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-09-17
09/069J. Lees-GreenAnchor Nourish Television and Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-02-09
08/605V. IyengarEating Well Popsicle Milky Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-01-28
08/289O. McHalick, OthersAnchor Trim Milk Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-08-12
08/203N. SchofieldPrimo Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-04-30
08/047A. Thomas, OthersMainland Special Reserve Cheese Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-03-04
07/524N. JoyceAnchor Sticker Newspaper AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-12-05
07/467A. BriggsPrimo Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-09-26
06/415B. LeonardAnchor Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-12-06