Company: Hell Pizza


Success Percent


IDComplainantAdvertProductMeeting Date
17/052Hell Pizza, RadioFood and Beverage2017-02-28
17/030Hell Pizza, TelevisionFood and Beverage2017-02-14
15/500Others, S. EdwardsHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2015-12-09
15/366L. Jones, OthersHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2015-08-26
15/322D. JanssenHell Pizza FlyerFood and Beverage2015-08-11
14/374D. ThompsonHell Pizza FacebookFood and Beverage2014-07-10
14/230S. AustinHell Pizza Direct MailFood and Beverage2014-05-09
14/214P. SlaterHell Pizza Direct MailFood and Beverage2014-04-29
14/207C. Greenhalgh, OthersHell Pizza BillboardFood and Beverage2014-04-29
14/180R. KashpirHells Pizza Direct MailFood and Beverage2014-04-11
12/679R. BuckinghamHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-12-19
12/546J. RitchieHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-10-15
12/380Others, P. WestHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-09-11
12/461H. WezenbergHell Pizza TelevisionFood and Beverage2012-09-03
12/441Others, W. HamerHell Pizza Facebook Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-09-03
12/381D. Naude, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-08-10
12/379N. de Wet, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-08-10
12/260E. KellyHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-07-10
12/325J. McMurdoHell Pizza Flyer AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-06-27
12/207Hell Pizza Poster AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-05-21
12/184A. MooreHells Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-04-13
12/183D. Moody, H. du PlessisHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-04-13
12/179J. StaggHell Pizza Radio AdvertisementFood and Beverage2012-04-13
12/117A. Byrnes, A. Devlin, A. Macmillan, A. Vince, A. Watson, B. Lowson, B. Meade, B. Newell, C. Nicholas, C. Payne, D. Hutton, D. Scott, D. Watson, E. Shanly, Eye Institute Limited, G. Atkinson, G. Bartlett, G. Visser, J. Allen, J. Combs, J. Hume, J. McKeage, J. McKenzie, J. Myers, J. White, L. Carter, L. Greig, L. Nesbit, L. Wilson, M. Adlington, M. Seymour, M. Taylor, N. HDick Smith Electronics Direct Mail AdvertisementTelecommunications2012-01-25
11/758L. NesbitHell Pizza Television AdvertisementsFood and Beverage2012-01-25
11/733J. HumeHell Pizza Mis-fortune CookieFood and Beverage2012-01-25
11/299K. PalmerHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-06-07
11/209S. PearceHells Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-06-07
11/272J. HarringtonHells Pizza Newspaper AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-05-24
11/269G. Higgins, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-05-24
11/258L. PaulHell Pizza Cinema AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-05-24
11/222Others, T. SayerHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementAdvocacy2011-05-10
11/065A. PowellHell Pizza Groupy Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-04-07
10/775M. Patterson, R. CottinghamHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-03-07
10/730C. Travis, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-03-01
11/004R. McMahonHell Pizza Television AdvertisementAdvocacy2011-02-03
10/784W. IsgroveHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-02-03
10/612A. ZwartHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2011-01-26
10/655S. RobertsonHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-11-11
10/525S. HartHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-09-17
10/470C. BroadbentHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-08-20
10/354K. BrooksHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-08-10
10/330A. Peden, S. MillerHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-08-10
10/317G. StittHell Pizza Radio AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-07-14
10/260D. SmithHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-05-17
10/202P. BaileyHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-04-30
10/124J. Chamberlin, W. RalphHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-03-18
10/038M. DedmanHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-02-02
10/014Others, P. StanfordHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2010-01-21
09/747J. JenjeHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-18
09/721D. RuleHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-18
09/726S. ArtemievHell Pizza Outdoor AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-12
09/709J. Gerrell, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-12
09/704C, D. KiteHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-12
09/657M. Wood, OthersHell Pizza Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-11-10
09/536A. Bashir, OthersHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-09-08
09/551I. Suamasi, OtherHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-09-07
09/462G. HallHells Pizza Radio AdvertisementFood and Beverage2009-08-10
08/631C. Grass, C. HortonHell Pizza Website & Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-12-05
08/559Others, S. SimpsonHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-11-03
08/364M. PearceHell Pizza Cinema AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-09-09
08/396J. Mayer, OtherHell Pizza Direct Mail Website and Television AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-08-22
08/269P. KaraHell Pizza Radio AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-06-10
08/231C. O’BrienHell Pizza Radio AdvertismentFood and Beverage2008-05-13
08/154R. MitchellHell Pizza Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-04-17
07/658Other, R. ForemanHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2008-01-30
07/642C. Turner, C. Turner (GALA), C. Turner - GALA, J. Hoyle, M. Ritchie, Others, S. McMillanWaikato Draught Billboard AdvertisementAlcohol2007-01-29
07/643B. Comfort, D. Kontze, K. Warwick, M. Wendelborn (Consumers' Institute of New Zealand Incorporated), Others, R. Da Costa, S. McLeodTelecom "Go Large Broadband" Newspaper, Website, Radio and Television AdvertisementsHealth and Beauty2007-01-31
07/547J. Adair, J. Thomas, J. ThompsonHell Pizza Email & Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-12-05
07/584C. Ashley, N. , Z. TreziseHell Pizza Menu AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-11-15
07/418Others, S. BurrowsHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-10-09
07/356B. Arps, OthersHell Pizza "Hell-O" Advertising PromotionFood and Beverage2007-09-11
07/277L. Britton, R. StrakerHell Pizza Radio AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-08-14
07/268L. StephensonHell Pizza Direct Mail and Website AdvertisementsFood and Beverage2007-06-19
07/151B. CruywagenHell Pizza Token AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-04-16
06/437S. McLeodHell Pizza "Meat Lovers" Newspaper AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-01-31
06/425J. Hoyle, Others, S. McMillanHell Pizza "George Bush" Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2007-01-31
06/479S. BrownHell Pizza "Feed Your Little Devils" Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-12-19
06/471P. DuncanHell Pizza Bus AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-12-11
06/417Others, S. NicholasHell Pizza Direct Mail AdvertisementAdvocacy2006-11-20
06/433Others, S. GwynHell Pizza "Meat Lovers" Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-11-17
06/355C. Windsor, OthersHell Pizza - Kids are Evil Direct Mail AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-11-07
06/396S. Tyrrell, South City Baptist Church TaurangaHell Pizza Website AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-10-18
06/050C. LotrietHell Pizza Billboard AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-04-11
06/057C. Aston-Grieve, M. RansleyHell Pizza Mailer AdvertisementFood and Beverage2006-03-14
05/286C. Greyling, OthersHell Pizza "George Bush" Billboard Advertisement[None]2005-09-20