Company: Procter & Gamble


Success Percent


IDComplainantAdvertProductMeeting Date
17/204Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd, TelevisionHealth and Beauty2017-07-25
13/538Energizer New Zealand LimitedDuracell Battery TelevisionHousehold Goods2013-12-17
13/126A. Cassidy, A. Drewer, A. Love, A. McClintock, A. McMillan, A. Snell, A. Spears, C. Getz, C. Pegman, C. Southorn, C. Turner, D. Anton, D. May, G. Smith, H. Leipnik, H. Stuart, J. Benndorf, J. Douglas, J. Miller, J. Sugrue, K. Orr, L. Roberts, M. Hanna, M. Pavletich, M. Robertson, M. Voorend, N. McAndrew, N. Trenwith, Other, P. Bertram, S. Broxholme, S. Connor, S. EmailServices2013-01-10
12/692S. BroxholmeGucci Guilty TelevisionHousehold Goods2013-01-14
12/676L. RobinsonDolce and Gabbana TelevisionHousehold Goods2012-11-19
11/439V. SandersGucci Television AdvertisementHousehold Goods2011-08-10
10/669A. AfoaGucci Guilty Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-12-08
10/434J. LewisVicks Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-09-13
10/360P. HackettHead and Shoulders Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-08-10
10/039L. Reilly, OthersDolce and Gabbana Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2010-03-02
10/026D. McDonald, J. BakenGillette Venus Television AdvertisementHousehold Goods2010-02-02
09/394G. HarlandVicks Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2009-07-08
08/320V. TheunissenVicks Vapour Rub Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-06-30
08/196J. West – The Association of Beauty Therapists NZ INCOil of Olay Television AdvertisementsHealth and Beauty2008-06-10
08/093T. SpoonerHead and Shoulders Television AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2008-04-08
02/251M. KingProcter and Gamble Shampoo Television Advertisement[None]2002-10-08