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IDCompanyAdvertProductMeeting Date
17/257Wrigley Street Health - Claire Bleakley HomeopathWrigley Street Health – Claire Bleakley Homeopath, PrintHealth and Beauty2017-08-31
17/2221annette1annette, Digital MarketingHealth and Beauty2017-07-13
17/115The Healing Haven The Healing Haven, The Healing Haven []^The Healing Haven ^Digital MarketingHealth and Beauty2017-04-19
16/317Whangarei Treatment Providers LtdDigital MarketingHealth and Beauty2016-10-04
16/258Double 8 Holdings LtdDouble 8 WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-08-08
16/268Wise CicadaWise Cicada WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-08-03
16/107Homeopathy CentreHomeopathy Centre Christchurch WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-07-26
16/166First In WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-05-23
16/146Allergenics - Health Assessment ServicesAllergenics WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-05-23
16/077Rosemaree Mathers HomeopathRosemaree Mathers Homeopath WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-03-18
15/522Waipu Natural HealthWaipu Natural Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-02-09
15/518Artemis HealthcareArtemis WebsiteHealth and Beauty2016-01-26
15/324Animates, BioPetAnimates EmailOther2015-08-18
15/316The Allergy ClinicThe Allergy Clinic Yazoom WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-08-11
15/290Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy LtdSimillimum Homeopathy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-17
15/264Hardy’s Health StoreHardy’s Health Store WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-07-14
15/213Hardy’s Health StoreHardy’s EmailHealth and Beauty2015-06-29
15/194Woolrest BiomagBiomag EmailHealth and Beauty2015-05-21
15/137Homeopathy CentreHomeopathy Centre Newspaper and WebsiteHealth and Beauty2015-05-12
14/557Woolrest BiomagBiomag RadioHealth and Beauty2014-12-10
14/530Lambs Pharmacy & Natural TherapiesHomeopathic Products InstoreHealth and Beauty2014-10-08
14/457Miers LaboratoriesNo Jet Lag In-storeHealth and Beauty2014-09-23
14/353Woolrest BiomagWoolrest Biomag WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-08-12
14/358Laura Du Preez Reiki PractitionerGrabone WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-18
14/341Grey Lynn ChiropracticGrey Lynn Chiropractic Treat Me WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-11
14/339BambeadoBambeado WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-11
14/287Osmosis SkinOsmosis Skin WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-08
14/262Holistic Health Naturopathic ClinicHolistic Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-07-07
14/260Health 2000Health 2000 EmailHealth and Beauty2014-06-24
14/302In2HerbsIn2Herbs EmailHealth and Beauty2014-06-20
14/219Universal Church of the Kingdom of GodUniversal Church of the Kingdom of God Direct MailHealth and Beauty2014-05-27
14/205Daily DoDaily Do WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-06-10
14/216Q BabyQ Baby WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-05-29
14/209Body Magnetix LimitedMagne Sleep NewspaperHealth and Beauty2014-05-27
14/175Balance ChiropracticBalance Chiropractic WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-05-13
14/116Bay Pharmacies LtdIt’s My Pharmacy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-04-15
14/089QuintessenceQuintessence WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-04-14
14/090Parents Centre Rotorua and TaupoAmber Bead, WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-03-27
14/035Health 2000Health2000 EmailHealth and Beauty2014-02-19
13/580Eken Power BandsEken Power Band 1-Day WebsiteAdvocacy2014-01-14
13/564In2HerbsIn2Herbs WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-01-14
13/563In2HerbsIn2Herbs WebsiteHealth and Beauty2014-01-14
13/527My Beauty StoreMy Beauty Store Magazine and WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-29
13/431KD&ANiagara Healthcare WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-11-12
13/430KD&ANiagara Healthcare NewspaperHealth and Beauty2013-11-12
13/374Buy4Baby DirectBuy4Baby Direct Google WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-10-08
13/351Double 8 Holdings LimitedDouble 8 Holdings WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-09-10
13/349Amber New ZealandBernstein Teething NecklaceHealth and Beauty2013-08-27
13/294Epsom ChiropractorEpsom Chiropractor NewspaperHealth and Beauty2013-08-13
13/275DreamlitsDreamlits WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-08-13
13/270Nature BabyNature Baby WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-08-13
13/268Belly BeyondBelly Beyond WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-08-08
13/230My Natural BabyMy Natural Baby WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-07-09
13/229Baa Baa BeadsBaa Baa Beads WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-07-09
13/207Innate HealthInnate Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-07-09
13/232Little MunchkinsLittle Munchkins WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-07-02
13/190Punga TailsPunga Tails WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-06-10
13/1806Shooter Ltd6Shooter WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-06-10
13/177Punga TailsPunga Tails WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-06-10
13/165Baltic Amber BeadsBaltic Amber Beads GrabOne WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-05-27
13/126Air New Zealand, Amazon Surf, Balanced Energy, DB Breweries, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd, Drive Rush, Eshe Skateboard Co., Finitro, Fonterra Brands, Frucor Beverages, Grabone, Independent Forklifts Ltd, Lion Nathan Limited, Mattel, Nationwide Equipment, New Zealand Fire Service, New Zealand Law Students Association, New Zealand Transport Agency, Nosh EmailServices2013-01-10
13/109Innate HealthInnate Health Trade Me WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-05-14
13/116Zena’s Beauty ParlourZena’s Beauty Parlour Direct MailHealth and Beauty2013-04-26
13/077Baby Amber TeethingBaby Amber Teething WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-04-09
13/076Belly BeyondBelly Beyond WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-04-09
13/046Amberen NZ LimitedAmberen WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-04-09
13/068The Vitamin ClubThe Vitamin Club WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-03-13
13/035FitnessGear4UKinesio Tape Grabone WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-03-05
13/012Innate HealthInnate Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-03-05
13/011Innate HealthInnate Health NewspaperHealth and Beauty2013-03-05
13/010Innate HealthInnate Health WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-03-05
13/036NetPharmacyNetPharmacy EmailHealth and Beauty2013-02-21
13/032Fitonez EnterprisesFitonez and Groupy WebsiteAdvocacy2013-02-21
13/018NetPharmacyNetPharmacy EmailHealth and Beauty2013-02-21
12/649Balanced EnergyBalanced Energy WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-02-04
12/611U GOU GO WebsiteHealth and Beauty2013-01-30
13/555Bambeado, s Board [summary of what the Board said and outcome]Bambeado Website AdvertisementHealth and Beauty2013-01-29
12/464Brand DevelopersDoctor Ho Decompression Belt TelevisionHealth and Beauty2012-10-01