Complaint: 06/022

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F. Schaad
Fairfax New Zealand Ltd
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Acting Chairman's Ruling

13 March 2006

Complaint 06/022

Complainant: F. Schaad

Advertisement: Fairfax New Zealand Ltd

Complaint: The TVGUIDE subscription renewal form was headed:

Renew your TV Guide subscription and save!

It offers the following options:

1 year (52 issues) $72.80 (save $18.20)

6 months (26 issues) $39.75 (save $5.75)

Advice indicates the optional payment methods available which are Freepost, through an 0800 phone number, by fax or online, and gives the relevant details.

Complainant, F. Schaad, said there was an online option to pay $65 for an annual subscription, and the consumer was not made aware of this.

The relevant provision was Rule 2 of the Code of Ethics.

The Advertiser, Fairfax Magazines, advised that the price discrepancies had been the result of human error and on realisation, clients who had renewed their subscriptions during that specific period, would be contacted and appropriate reparation would be offered.

The Acting Chairman noted the Advertiser's advice that steps had been taken to ensure such errors did not occur in future advertisements, and that those who had been affected would be offered compensation. Accordingly, she was of the view that the complaint had been settled and it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board for consideration.

Acting Chairman's Ruling: Complaint Settled