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S. Kumar
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Chairman's Ruling

19 March 2008

Complaint 08/099

Complainant: S. Kumar
Advertisement: Vodafone New Zealand Limited

Complaint: The website advertisement was headed "Prepay $10 credit".

Information below said: "You can score a $10 credit on your Prepay balance just by following these two steps. .... Complete your customer profile -> and you're done! Look out for a TXT message from Vodafone confirming you $10 airtime Credit.

Complainant, S. Kumar, said they had purchased a Vodafone sim card and had been informed that they would get a $10 credit if they completed and sent in a survey form on the Vodafone website. On attempting to take up the offer they found the online survey form did not work.

The relevant provision was Rule 2 of the Code of Ethics.

Vodafone advised the Complaints Board as follows: "... Its is likely that the complainant's concern results from a service failure. We regret that failure, and have fixed the problem which caused it. We do not however believe there is any other basis upon which our website advertisement might be considered misleading. ...

Due to recent changes we made in our systems customers began to experience an issue with processing $10 credits on 13/02/08. As soon as we became aware of the gravity of the problem we placed a notification on our website on 29/02/08,....Furthermore, Vodafone customers were able to obtain their prepay credits by ringing into our call centres on a freecalling number ....

We wish to advise the ASA that the issue is now resolved as of 07/03/08 and that we have updated the website with this information for our prepay customers. ..."

The Chairman noted the response from Vodafone New Zealand Limited. He said the matter had been explained and, although over a rather long time period, addressed in a self-regulatory manner, and there was no apparent breach of the Advertising Codes.

Accordingly, the Chairman ruled that the complaint was resolved.

Chairman's Ruling: Complaint Resolved