Complaint: 09/476

Vodafone Television Advertisement


A. Paiti
No Grounds to Proceed
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Chairman's Ruling

17 August 2009

Complaint 09/476

Complainant: A. Paiti
Advertisement: Vodafone New Zealand Ltd

Complaint: The television advertisement for Vodafone features a presenter walking around the Vodafone office talking about how Vodafone services support businesses. As he walks he interacts with various products and branding for different companies, such as KFC, Bendon, ANZ etc. At the end of the advertisement the presenter is sitting, facing the camera, with his shirt open as a tattoo artist tattoos the Video Ezy logo on his chest.

Complainant, A. Paiti, was of the view that the advertisement, shown during the news, was inappropriate viewing for children.

The relevant provisions were Basic Principle 4 and Rule 5 of the Code of Ethics.

The Chairman noted the Complainant's concerns regarding the advertisement. As a preliminary matter she noted that the advertisement had been viewed during the news, a programme which could contain material not suitable for children without guidance. She noted that the advertisement showed a man appearing to get tattooed however she said that, when the audience, medium and context of the advertisement was taken into account, it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence in the light of generally prevailing community standards. She also was of the view that the advertisement was presented in a light-hearted manner and had been prepared with a due sense of social responsibility. The Chairman said there was no apparent breach of the Codes of Practice and accordingly ruled there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Chairman's Ruling: Complaint No Grounds to Proceed