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T. Lumley
Colloidal Health Solutions
Colloidal Health Solutions Website
22 July 2015

Complaint: The website advertisement for Colloidal Health Solutions ( included an FAQ section that stated:

"Will The Skin Solution cure my skin cancer?:

We are sorry we are legally not allowed to comment on skin cancer, bacterial skin infections, viral skin infections, skin rashes, skin disease or even skin inflammation, what we can say it that The Skin Solution supports your skins natural immunity, and when your skins immune system is functioning correctly healthy skin is normally the result.

Why can you not mention skin cancer, bacterial skin infections, viral skin infections, skin rashes, skin disease or skin inflammation?

The Skin Solution, colloidal silver cream is classified as a cosmetic and a medicine or alternative medicine, therefore no mention of therapeutic treatments can be made; especially to skin cancers, bacterial infections, viral infections, skin rashes.

Do you have any testimonies of people with bacterial or viral skin infections, skin rashes, or inflammation?:

We have many testimonies regarding how wonderful The Skin Solution is however many would be considered therapeutic problems by the authorities therefore we can not use them."

Complainant, T. Lumley, said, in part: "I believe is making therapeutic claims about colloidal silver cream, and that these claims are not supported by evidence."

The relevant provisions were Principles 2, 3 and Part B1 Requirements 3, 4(a) of the Therapeutic Products Advertising Code.

The Advertiser, Colloidal Health Solutions, said: "The material in question has been removed from the web site. It was some surprise to the directors that the material was there.
I am intending to conduct an examination of all material in the website and edit accordingly.
Please consider the material in question on the web site an oversight and not a correct representative of the companies position on such claims."

The Chairman noted the Advertiser had removed the claims that were the subject of the complaint.

She also noted the explanation from the Advertiser about the claims on the website being an oversight and was not representative of the company's position and the Advertiser would review the rest of the material on the website as a result of the complaint.

In light of the self-regulatory action taken by the Advertiser, the Chairman said that it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board. The Chairman ruled that the matter was settled.

Chairman's Ruling: Complaint Settled