Complaint: 17/159

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DATE OF MEETING 14 June 2017


Advertisement: The Hayley Lowe Energy Healer and Medium website,, offer a treatment called Intuitive Healing which claims to help with mental and physical conditions by releasing energy.

The Chair ruled the complaint was Settled.

Complainant, M Honeychurch, said: Hayley Lowe offers Intuitive Healing which is claimed to be able to help with both mental and physical conditions:

"The main common theme with this healing is that I see situations, people, trauma and events that have happened in your life where the energy has become stuck - everything that

happens in your life has an energy attached to it and, if it's not dealt with, it can become

lodged in your body and eventually become an illness of some kind - our worries, fears, hatreds, and beliefs etc turn up in our bodies as depression, sore legs, hernias, cancer etc -

almost every illness has an energetic cause.

The process involves releasing the energy that has caused the issue."...

..."Mention of these medical conditions, including cancer, bring the adverts under the

purview of the ASA's Therapeutic Advertising code.

As such, the website breaches Rule 1(c) for making unrealistic claims that "changes can be quite amazing - it can be immediate although it can also take a couple of weeks" and "I do absolutely know that you will get the healing that is right for you at the time".

It also breaches Principle 2, as the wording of the advert, talking both about healing and serious medical conditions such as cancer, is likely to leave consumers thinking that

Hayley's services can help with "depression, sore legs, hernias, cancer" and dental trauma.

Rule 2(a) is breached as the claims being made that Hayley's Energy Healing can help with

the listed medical conditions has not been substantiated.

Rule 2(f) is breached, as there are testimonials on the website which talk of physical healing. These testimonials have not been shown to be typical of what can be expected from an

energy healing session.

The relevant provisions were Therapeutic and Health Advertising Code - Guideline

1(c), Guideline 2(a), Guideline 2(f), Principle 1, Principle 2.

The Chair noted the Complainant's concern that the Advertiser's website contained

irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims about Intuitive Healing, which were misleading.

The Chair acknowledged the Advertiser had made changes to the website, removing or amending references which were of concern.


Given the Advertiser's co-operative engagement with the process and the self-regulatory action taken in amending the website, the Chair said that it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board. The Chair ruled that the matter was settled.

Chai r' s Ruling: Complaint Settled