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S Taylor
Turning Point Clinic and Coaching
Turning Point Clinic and
Coaching, Digital Marketing
20 July 2017

Advertisement: The website for the Turning Point Clinic and Coaching HGC Programme,, contains details of the HCG natural weight loss programme.

The Chair ruled the complaint was Settled.

Complainant, S Taylor, said: I wish to make a complaint regarding the advising on:

They make claims regarding their weight loss program which break numerous sections of the ASA therapeutic and health advertising code.

Rule 1 (A), the advertiser fails to state that; weight management takes time and effort to be

successful and that individual results may vary.In numerous locations throughout the website the adviser claims that: The homeopathic HCG LiquidAdministered as a simple oral spray or drops. Its totally safe.

This breaks rule 1 (b) as they are making statements that their product and weight loss plan is safe and effective. They also claim that the weight loss will be effective and quick to

everyone who try the program.

There are various parts of the webpage which which also break Rule 1 (d) and Rule 2 (a). There is only one mention that the HCG is a homeopathic product and there is no

explanation of what homeopathy is and any scientific evidence that homeopathy works.

Using words such as Ensuring the hypothalamus is correctly reset, I am unable to find anything that scientifically back ups this claim (other than electrodes implanted into mice brains) there is also no evidence unless the person is exercising extensively (which there is no mention of) that they would be burning 3500-4000 from using HCG drops. has been claimed.

Currently the advertisers testimonials page is not working however as it is linked in 2 areas (the bracket (see client testimonials) is a link to jamila/jamila-testimonials/),

This program doesn't just help you lose weight easily it also teaches you something even more important; how to care for yourself, eat healthily, and keep the weight off!

The relevant provisions were Therapeutic and Health Advertising Code - Guideline

1(a), Guideline 1(b), Guideline 1(d), Guideline 2(a), Principle 1, Principle 2.

The Acting Chair noted the Complainant's concern that the Advertiser's website contained irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims about weight loss, which were misleading.


The Acting Chair acknowledged the Advertiser had made changes to the website, removing or amending references which were of concern.

Given the Advertiser's co-operative engagement with the process and the self-regulatory action taken in amending the website, the Acting Chair said that it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board. The Acting Chair ruled that the matter was settled.

Ac t i ng Chai r' s Ruling: Complaint Settled