Complaint: 17/216

The Mermaid Club, Television


The Mermaid Club
No Grounds to Proceed
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ADVERTISER The Mermaid Club ADVERTISEMENT The Mermaid Club, Television DATE OF MEETING 10 July 2017

OUTCOME No Grounds to Proceed

Advertisement: The television advertisement for The Mermaid Bar on Three Ondemand features an underwater scene with a back view of a woman. The voiceover says "Never ignore the call of the mermaids. The Mermaid Bar." The advertisement ends with the tag line - The best in adult entertainment.

The Chair ruled there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Complainant, M Patel, said: I am writing to inform you that I do not feel it is appropriate to advertise adult entertainment companies on TV3 website while I am catching up with the programmes and the News.

I often watch the news at night, since I usually miss it... and I do not feel it is appropriate to have such advertisements. I would not have to put up with any adult entertainment ads if I was watching the news or the programmes when they are aired, so why do I have to put up with that kind of ad when I am catching up with the news or programmes?

The relevant provisions were Code of Ethics - Basic Principle 4, Rule 4.

The Chair noted the Complainant's concern about adult entertainment advertisements screening during on-demand programmes, including the news.

The Chair said that adult entertainment venues are legal businesses that are entitled to advertise. The Chair noted that advertisements screening on the on-demand platform used account holder profile information, such as age and gender when allocating advertisements. Advertisements screened during broadcast programmes on television were booked taking into account the programme rating and time of broadcast.

The Chair acknowledged the Complainant found the advertising of adult entertainment venues inappropriate during news and other programmes on the on-demand platform. However, the Chair said the advertisement before her was not graphic or salacious in nature and did not reach the threshold to offend against generally prevailing community standards. The Chair said there was no apparent breach of Code of Ethics.

Accordingly, the Chair ruled there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Chai r' s Ruling: Complaint No Grounds to Proceed