Complaint: 17/245

Anna Lorck, Labour Party, Digital Marketing, Out of Home


C. Slater
Anna Lorck, Labour Party
Out of Home
Upheld / Settled
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COMPLAINANT C Slater and S Hansen

ADVERTISER Anna Lorck, Labour Party

ADVERTISEMENT Anna Lorck, Labour Party, Digital

Marketing, Out of Home

DATE OF MEETING 31 July 2017


Advertisement: The Billboard and Facebook page advertising the election campaign of

Labour candidate Anna Lorck, contained the line "Your Local MP for Tukituki."

The Chair ruled the complaint was Settled.

Complainant, C Slater, said: Anna Lorck is the Labour party candidate in Tukituki electorate and has been placing numerous hoardings up that are like the photo attached. Those signs state that she is "Your Local MP". They are different from her other signs which are more honest.

That statement is false and misleading. She has never been elected to parliament, ever, and

most certainly isn't the local MP. That is currently Craig Foss.

Ms Lorck also has an advertisement on Facebook which makes the same claims. This advertising is deliberately deceptive.

Duplicate Complainant, S Hansen, shared similar views and said, in part ...I am concerned that someone who is not very aware will vote for her thinking that she already is our MP when despite trying, I think, three previous elections, she is still a 'candidate. I believe that this is misrepresentation...

The relevant provisions were Code of Ethics - Basic Principle 4, Rule 11, Rule 2.

The Chair noted the Complainants' concerns that the Advertiser's Billboard and Facebook advertisement contained misleading information about the current status of the Labour candidate.

The Chair acknowledged the Advertiser had made changes to the Billboard, amending references which were of concern. The Chair also noted that the Facebook page had been removed.

Given the Advertiser's co-operative engagement with the process and the self-regulatory action taken in amending the Billboard and removing the Facebook page, the Chair said that it would serve no further purpose to place the complaints before the Complaints Board. The Chair ruled that the matter was settled.

Chai r' s Ruling: Complaint Settled