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COMPLAINANT M. Honeychurch ADVERTISER Alternative Healing ADVERTISEMENT Alternative Healing, Website DATE OF MEETING 30 October 2017


Advertisement: The Alternative Healing website ( advertisement promoted the therapeutic benefits of Bioptron Light Therapy in treating a range of health conditions.

The Chair ruled the complaint was Settled.

Complainant, M. Honeychurch, said: "The Alternative Healing website offers Bioptron therapy and makes therapeutic claims about its efficacy:

"What Conditions Can Bioptron Light Treat?

Bioptron Light Therapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions including: Pain relief


Skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis

Improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars and skin tone

Burns and scalds

Leg ulcers and pressure sores

Recovery from sports and soft tissue injuries

Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD ('Winter Depression')

The same claims are also made on this page: light-therapy.html

These claims are not supported by evidence, and it appears extremely unlikely that they are supported by good quality evidence. Previous ASA complaints (10/235, 15/352, 15/353,

15/369, 15/370, 15/463) have confirmed the lack of good quality evidence for Bioptron in

treating the conditions listed by Alternative Healing.

This means that the advert has likely breached the ASA's Therapeutic and Health

Advertising Code Principle 2, as the claims are likely to deceive consumers into thinking that paying for Bioptron treatment from Alternative Healing will help them with their medical conditions.

Rule 2(a) is breached, as the claims have not been substantiated with good quality evidence.

Rule 2(f) is breached by this page of testimonials:

The relevant provisions were Therapeutic and Health Advertising Code - Principle 1, Principle 2, Rule 2(a) and Rule 2(f).

The Chair noted the Complainant's concern the website contained several therapeutic treatment claims relating to Bioptron Light Therapy.


The Chair acknowledged the Advertiser rephrased the claims made in the advertisement in order to comply with the advertising Codes of Practice.

The Chair noted the testimonials reflected the level of service offered and did not refer to any specific conditions. In her view they were not in breach of Rule 2(f) of the Therapeutic and Health Advertising Code.

Reflecting on the self-regulatory action of the Advertiser in amending the website, the same outcome required if the complaint was Upheld, the Chair said it served no further purpose to place the matter before the Complaints Board for a determination and ruled the matter was Settled.

Accordingly, the Chair ruled to Settle the complaint.

Chai r' s Ruling: Complaint Settled